Healthy Minds Algarve Association is a non-profit association promoting mental health awareness in and together with our community.

Over the past few years mental health has become an important topic for many people, including our young generation. With the great benefits of the internet and social media we and our mental health have also been exposed to significant harm.  We are constantly suffering from information overload, work - and study-related burn-out, increasing social pressure and lack of physical activity, leading in turn to anxiety, depression, self-harming and eating disorders, to name but a few. Yet there is still stigma attached to talking about these problems. This silence breeds ignorance and prejudice. 

We want to help. We want to de-stigmatise the conversation about mental health and open pathways for people in need to seek help and feel better for it.


In 2018 we set out to raise awareness of these issues and help youngsters in our community and their parents, carers and teachers strive for better understanding of their well-being and mental health through series of talks, seminars and other community outreach projects.

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