Suicidal thoughts are temporary while suicide is permanent. 

AND you can overcome those negative and emotionally charged thoughts with some help.

Things to do when you have such thoughts
  • Speak to someone who you trust and can talk honestly with, such as a friend, a family member, or any person you feel safe with.  Don't stay alone when feeling this way. 

  • Get help. Tell a healthcare professional. Thinking of taking your life is treatable and when you are experiencing harmful or suicidal thoughts this is your signal that you need someone to talk this through.


What You Can Do to deal with suicidal thoughts 
  • Keep a diary to write down what is going through your mind

       - your future plans and hopes 

       - the people who love you and you value 

       - as well as your worries and negative feelings (this does not make them more powerful, on the contrary, this helps it off your chest and                        pull back from them and see those in better perspective)

      - by reading what you have written gives you the opportunity to remind yourself that your life matters 

  • Spent time with your family or friends

     - it is normal when we feel good to spend time with people we feel good around BUT when we feel down spending time with others might feel          difficult due to feeling alone, having negative thoughts about yourself and even feeling worthless

     - this is precisely the signal to let the people who care about you in as this might provide you with some relief 

  • Stay away from drugs and alcohol 

    - most harm is usually done when we feel overwhelmed by sudden and uncontrolled impulses and substances can exaggerate those feelings, 

      negative thoughts and impulses

    - the best thing is to talk to someone about those feelings and thoughts as those are truly only one view that you might really believe in the

      moment but are usually not necessarily completely accurate 

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